ZGZ Screen Recorder
Records all screen activity on your computer.

ZGZ Screen Recorder is a powerful screen recording program. With it, you can record every event on computer into video file.

Main functions:

  • Fast. ZGZ Screen Recorder is optimized for Windows 10, it's more fast than the other screen caputer software.

  • High quality recording. ZGZ Screen Recorder can save the details of screen activity.

  • Long time recording. ZGZ Screen Recorder can record video uninterruptedly unitl your disk is full.

  • Custom Settings. You can set video quality, audio quality and other settings with your mind.

  • Save Recording files in AVI format. It makes avi files directly, no need temporary files and to waste much time converting it to another format.

  • Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 Compatibility. Support Microsoft's new operation system windows 10.

  • Hot key. You can use F5 ("Start") to start the work and F7 ("Stop") to finish the work. This'll avoid the noises when you click the mouse.

  • Background recording mode. You can set hot key to hide or display software interface. The default hot key is "CTRL+ATL+H".

  • User-friendly interface. It's easy to use ZGZ Screen Recorder.